Keep it classy and keep your cool – How to watch football like a lady!

I watched the Alabama/LSU game with a bunch of neighbors last weekend. A friend of mine reminded me how last year when we were watching a game together in a public location, I was getting so infuriated with obnoxious people, I left early and went home (funny…I just remembered Alabama winning!). Anyway, she told me […]

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Football as a melting pot

Ok, so I am at the Georgia Tech game on Saturday. We are playing Pitt at home for the first time, well, ever! Now that they are in the ACC, I will see them every other year. My seats are right behind the visiting team’s bench so I get to look up and close at […]

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where girls learn to love football

The Football Experience is not the same everywhere you go

I was in San Diego last weekend for a quick visit. It was the place I called home for 11 years and was excited to go back and see some old friends. My time was limited so we did “group” gatherings on Friday and Saturday night. I did have a dilemma though. The Georgia-Florida game […]

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grandma learns to love football

A Grandma’s Connection with Football

Last night, I had dinner with a great group of people. After walking in and greeting those who were there, I was stopped by one of my favorite people, Jane, who pulled me off to the side and said she just had to talk to me. We sat down with our glasses of wine and she said, “I’ve got to […]

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should my son play football

How to talk to your son about football

So…you’ve never liked football and even sometimes resent “losing” your husband to it on the weekends. You can’t understand why someone would scream at the television and is in a bad mood when their team loses because, after all, “it’s just a game.” Fast forward to when your son, your pride and joy who you […]

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Fox News Interview Update

Our interview on the Fox Tailgate Show is scheduled for next Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on Channel 5 in Atlanta. We didn’t find out until just a bit ago. Set your DVRs for November 3rd!

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football date

Oh No! I’m going to a football party? What do I do now?

First, don’t panic! This can be fun and Flip the Field can help make you look like a rock star. We have a page on the do’s and don’ts of being invited to a game or party. Here is a synopsis and some other important thoughts. Remember, you can ask us a question ANYTIME and […]

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Our first radio spot

All month long, the Atlanta radio station Star 94 is doing a “Think Pink” feature to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. This morning, Flip the Field was on to talk about how we are helping fight breast cancer. Check it out…then call for your mammogram!!!  

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why do football players wear pink

Flip is going to be on the Radio!!!

Tomorrow morning we are going to be on Star 94 FM in Atlanta at 8:20 a.m.!! We will be talking about Flip the Field and how we, as a local business, help promote Breast Cancer Awareness month! Tune in and tell your friends! Breast cancer is something we all worry about and a disease that has […]

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Men in Pink!!

What’s sexier than a bunch of 250 lb. men wearing pink? Whether they are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month because they just like boobs in general, or they are truly concerned about saving the real ones, it really doesn’t matter. Everyone is getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness…and you should, too!   Breast Cancer will affect […]

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