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Mississippi State

College Football Conversation Starters – Week 7

This will most certainly be another great weekend in college football as the race to lead conferences continues to play out. More undefeated teams will fall and perhaps some clarity will be gained in some of the conferences. Elsewhere, perhaps more uncertainty. Only the end of the day will tell. So, what do you need […]

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Why should you follow Flip the Field football blog

I pulled this off of a friend’s facebook feed (with permission) a couple of weeks ago. She has a daughter who just started her freshman year at the University of Georgia.   Guy at work this morning: Your daughter at UGA must be so excited about tomorrow! Me: Oh. What? Guy: The game! Me: (mentally […]

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Vanderbilt Jersey Controversy

College Football Conversation Starters Week 2

When you find yourself backed in the corner and have to find something to say, use one of these great college football conversation starters. You’ll never know where the conversation will lead! What are the big college football games this weekend Week 2 is still a lot of the ‘pre-season’ feel in college football where […]

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Notre Dame Leprechan

College Football Conversation Starters for Week 1

Ok, so we used to call these ‘Pick-up lines’ but so many of our followers are really not picking anyone up anymore. However, everyone needs a good conversation starter at a party, bar, boardroom or on the sofa next to your spouse. Wherever you find yourself watching or talking about football, these will help get […]

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Internal Conflicts Happen in College Football

It’s official. The BCS Championship Game is between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers. Given the matchup, I have an internal conflict going on. Do I pull for FSU because I just don’t have it in me to cheer for Auburn, or do I root for the Tigers so the SEC can continue […]

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Go Sparty Blue Tigers!

It’s no secret, I was not pleased with the outcome of the Alabama game last weekend. It’s football. It happens. Now I am left with two choices. 1) Hang up my Houndstooth hat until next year or 2) Cheer for all of the teams that could give Alabama the slightest chance of heading to the […]

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Football Pickup Lines for Week 13 – Larry Munson shout out, Mismatches, and New Faces

Here are the college football pickup lines for week 13. We hope you enjoy them! “Seriously?! Who on Earth puts Chattanooga on Alabama’s schedule? Isn’t that just cruel and unusual punishment? Regardless, I bet Alabama still cannot/will not cover the spread.” “I still cannot believe what Orgeron has done for USC. That guy must be an […]

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Were they looking at our awesome shirts…or what was underneath?

So Melissa and I just got our new Flip the Field shirts and we were SO excited we wore them to the Ponce de Leon Beerfest on Saturday. To prevent us from being total “twinsies”, Melissa wore the long sleeved one and I wore the short sleeved version (Melissa could not have handled it otherwise). […]

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Pickup Lines for Week 12 – Utes, Duke and Drugs

Football is full of great stories but the best are the little one-liners that people say while watching a game. These inspire us to write our own. A mixed bag of pithy sayings and interesting facts and great conversation starters. Look like you know a lot and impress the folks around you. Here are your football […]

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Keep it classy and keep your cool – How to watch football like a lady!

I watched the Alabama/LSU game with a bunch of neighbors last weekend. A friend of mine reminded me how last year when we were watching a game together in a public location, I was getting so infuriated with obnoxious people, I left early and went home (funny…I just remembered Alabama winning!). Anyway, she told me […]

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