Watching Football in South Bend

The time has come!! Denise and I have been talking about this for what seems like forever and now the time has come! We have our plane tickets, hotel reservation, rental car and out tickets to the Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech football game Saturday! Oh my! I’m about to have heart palpitations. (I might […]

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michigan notre dame rivalry

Notre Dame Michigan Rivalry – Ending an Era

NOTRE DAME MICHIGAN RIVALRY ENDING –  A PERSONAL NOTE As a little girl, I was taught not to like Michigan. Why? My dad went to Notre Dame. When you grow up in a Notre Dame loving household, you learn quickly not to like Michigan or USC. Along with knowing which teams to pull for, I was […]

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Army Navy Game

This Saturday, only one college football game will be played. It will not be a game between the two best teams in the country but I’d like to think it is between the two most respected colleges in the United States : The US Naval Academy at Annapolis and The US Military Academy at Westpoint. […]

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It’s a team loss or a team win – Roll Tide ‘Til I Die!

….and a real fan is supportive no matter what. So it’s no secret that I am an Alabama fan. Was I happy with the outcome of last night’s game? Absolutely not. I screamed like any other fan when the last Alabama field goal attempt was missed and caught by an Auburn player who ran it […]

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buzz with georgia hat

Georgia Tech loses in the first ever double overtime, but there is hope!

After waking up a bit ‘hungover’ from the crazy emotional rollercoaster of the Georgia vs Georgia Tech game, I realized I had accepted an invitation for my family to light the 1st candle of Advent some time ago. What was I thinking?! This was a morning to sleep in! That’s what I get for not […]

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It doesn’t get any better than this….well sort of

Today is the heart of Rivalry Weekend. Yes, the Egg Bowl may have already been played and the recipient of the Platypus trophy may have already been decided, but we don’t live in Mississippi or Oregon. This is a big game for my family and I love the excitement of when toe meets leather on […]

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Who’s really made of Iron?

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of talk about the Iron Bowl over the last couple of weeks. You probably know it’s the yearly matchup Thanksgiving weekend between Alabama and Auburn…two teams that just flat out don’t like each other. What else? Here are a few little known facts about the famed Iron Bowl… The first […]

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Tradition and Rivalry Spotlight – Georgia vs Georgia Tech

It’s my favorite time of the year, preparation for what we call in our house, Thanksgiving Saturday. This is rivalry weekend when so many college rivals play each other for their last regular game of the season. In our house, a house divided between Georgia and Georgia Tech, this weekend is extra, well let’s just say, special. […]

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Georgia Florida Rivalry

College Football Rivalry: Florida Georgia Game and Michigan Michigan State Game

There is not one but two big rivalry games this weekend. The first one is huge in the south and is simply known as “Florida Georgia“. Family plans are made around this game. Grocery stores are empty and bars are packed. The next one is the in-state rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State. I’ve never […]

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usc vs notre dame

Rivalry This Week: USC vs. Notre Dame

Ladies, if you are going to learn to love football, then you have to embrace the emotion and excitement that is best embodied in the deep roots of college football rivalries. Rivalry games and old-time tradition are the things that make college football different from every other sport at every other level. One of the best […]

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