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College Football Bowl Game Schedule – December 31st

Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 31st AdvoCare V100 Bowl – 12:30 – Shreveport, LA – Boston College vs Arizona – Ok, so I finally looked up what on Earth AdvoCare V100 is. Who knew? I guess I’m not much into herbal cleanses, […]

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College Football Bowl Game Schedule – December 30th

Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today!! All of these games have merit and should be enjoyable to watch but I won’t miss the Music City Bowl to cheer for my Yellow Jackets! College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 30th Armed Forces Bowl – 11:45am- Fort Worth, TX – Navy vs […]

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Today’s College Football Bowl Game Schedule – December 28th

We are getting into some of the better matchups for the 2013-14 College Football Bowl Games so we thought we would give you a super brief synopsis of who is playing these next few days leading up to the BCS Bowl games. College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 28th Pinstripe Bowl – […]

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Army Navy Game

This Saturday, only one college football game will be played. It will not be a game between the two best teams in the country but I’d like to think it is between the two most respected colleges in the United States : The US Naval Academy at Annapolis and The US Military Academy at Westpoint. […]

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football pool winner

Winner of the first Flip the Field College Football Pool

Congratulations on a fantastic season. I think we all had a blast and learned some things about being a part of a football pool. Our season winner came down to a 2 way tie with two folks having the exact same record after 15 weeks. Can you believe that? I even went back to see who […]

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Internal Conflicts Happen in College Football

It’s official. The BCS Championship Game is between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers. Given the matchup, I have an internal conflict going on. Do I pull for FSU because I just don’t have it in me to cheer for Auburn, or do I root for the Tigers so the SEC can continue […]

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What a season! Who are the 2013 College Football Conference Champions

What a fantastic season of college football!! In the end, there is only 1 team that is still undefeated and they will be playing in the BCS National Championship in Pasadena, CA on January 6th. It’s fitting that the championship game will be played in Epiphany as this is probably the first time the BCS […]

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Girl’s Guide to Football – Last week of the regular season!

So, many of you started this season hoping football would just go away. But, after a season following Flip the Field, where do you stand now? We hope you have enjoyed this season a lot more than you ever expected you would. This weekend will help make it that much better. This is the weekend […]

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Go Sparty Blue Tigers!

It’s no secret, I was not pleased with the outcome of the Alabama game last weekend. It’s football. It happens. Now I am left with two choices. 1) Hang up my Houndstooth hat until next year or 2) Cheer for all of the teams that could give Alabama the slightest chance of heading to the […]

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Good article on what happens next year with playoff system

With a playoff system in place next year, Alabama would have a better shot. All because BCS championship goes from 2 teams to a playoff amongst 4.

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