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Bear Bryant College Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame for Families

If you are of the mindset that the College Football Hall of Fame is only for the die hard fan, you are so wrong!  It is for the every type of football fan and is VERY family friendly.  I honestly believe that it will soon become an attraction as exciting for the kids to go to as any […]

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Enjoying the college football hall of fame

Enjoying the College Football Hall of Fame….as a non-fan or a new fan

Are you stuck going to the College Football Hall of Fame as someone who doesn’t care the first thing about football? The crowd is going and you feel like you have to go? Or maybe, you are just new to the sport and need some direction on not getting overwhelmed and making the most of your […]

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heisman trophy

College Football Hall of Fame Exhibits

This is not your father’s hall of fame! The College Football Hall of Fame Exhibits are interactive, current, full of technology and, the best part, customized to you. That’s right, customized! The Hall is not just dominated by the Power 5 conferences and is most certainly not dominated by just the SEC. Yes, some exhibits […]

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football date

Georgia Tech Football 2014 Outlook

by Rick Mehaffey (guest blogger for Flip the Field) The question heading into the 2014 football season: can the Yellow Jackets break out of the rut of a 7-win season? The answer: Not very likely. The Vegas bookmakers set Tech’s win total at 6 ½, and most experts have slotted the Jackets at the fifth […]

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College Football Hall of Fame: An Introduction

Media Day Oh-my-GOODNESS!!! When I received a confirmation email that we were invited to the College Football Hall Media Day, I literally started jumping up and down in the middle of my kitchen. I felt like I won the lottery. After explaining to my family why I was about to cry tears of joy, I […]

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Preseason Scouting Report: Texas A&M

Flip the Field would like to thank our second contributor, Jill Roberts, for her pre-season scouting report on Texas A&M! This is another example of how football is NOT just for the men! Howdy Ags! I LOVE Texas A&M Football and I’m a HUGE fan! After attending an Aggie football game at Kyle Field (and midnight […]

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ESPN’s 2014 College Football Commercial – Who’s In

Have you seen this? I think it is absolutely amazing. It depicts so many perfectly awesome college football traditions. Of course, I first fell in love watching the video and seeing the Georgia Tech Ramblin’ Wreck in the video. The flattery of the remote possibility that Georgia Tech is ‘in’ for the championship is exciting. I […]

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Best football games 2014

Football Season Outlook for 2014-15

Today marks just ten days until the official football season begins! Some of you will paint your face, wear your favorite jersey and talk smack until the Super Bowl is complete regardless of how your favorite teams are performing. Others of you will go into mourning as your ‘other half’ withdraws into football and leaves […]

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College Football Players Getting Paid to Play

Things are about to get even more interesting in college football. According to,  “A federal judge ruled that the NCAA can’t stop players from selling the rights to their names, images and likenesses, striking down NCAA regulations that prohibit players from getting anything other than scholarships and the cost of attendance at schools.” Here […]

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Jameis Winston’s Insurance Policy

Jameis Winston’s Insurance Policy I read this article and was shocked that this was allowed. It seems awfully close to paying football players to play in college. On one hand I get it. On the other hand I think it is ridiculous, especially since he is not eligible for the NFL this year. What do […]

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