college football schedule

Who will rise and who will fall halfway through the season

Week 7 is here! We still have 11 undefeated teams going into the weekend and we may still have 11 at the end, but not likely!! Somebody is likely to fall. Who will it be? Fun news this week is a college football game scheduled to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s right! A […]

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Poll: What is your favorite style of helmet in college football?

College football uniforms are getting more and more crazy every year. They are also getting further and further away from what many think of as ‘tradition’. There is one thing special about college football different from every other sport out there and that is the decades old traditions carried out week after week, season after season. But, […]

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where girls learn to love football

Did you see that!

Another stellar week of college football in week 6. There were some great plays that folks are sure to be talking about around the water cooler today including Ohio State’s last second score against Northwestern and the touchdown that wasn’t for Tennessee’s overtime loss to UGA. Keep reading for some insight and a lot of […]

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Who’s the Biggest in the Big Ten?

Ok, so first, why are there 12 teams in the Big Ten and why is there another conference called the Big-12?  That’s just insane. To maybe understand that a bit more, you can read up on college conferences here. On top of that, since there have only been a couple of conference games between the […]

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The Ohio State University

This is the week where the boys are separated from the men

We are right into the thick of it now! Great matchups again this week with 22 of the 25 games we will be following being conference games. Nearly  all of the 25 games (there will still be a few blow outs) have potential to be great games, but we can’t talk about them all. Here is our synopsis. […]

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HaSean Clinton-Dix Suspended from Alabama

I guess HaSean (aka Ha Ha) is not laughing now. Yikes!

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Braxton Miller – A great name and outstanding QB

Braxton is just a cool name. It really is. Combine a cool name with an outstanding athlete and you get Braxton Miller, quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He’s a 6 ft 2 in. junior weighing in at 215 pounds. He missed three games earlier this season due to a knee injury and he was questionable […]

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BCS rankings

Why is this weekend important?

It’s the first official weekend of October and Saturday is the 5th of October. So, what happened on October 5th in history? The Grand Ole Opry radio show started in 1925 Harry Truman delivered the first televised presidential address in 1947 Beatles release “Love Me Do” as their first single and the first James Bond […]

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What a difference a week can make

Seriously, a week can be the difference between the highs and lows of anything in life whether it is getting dumped by the guy you thought was ‘the one’ one week and meeting someone the next that lights your fire even more. Or maybe its your child getting bullied in school one week and going […]

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