ap poll ranking changes

There’s a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on!

I guess this is one of those places where the more things change the more they just don’t stay the same. A crazy weekend of upsets, tight games and top 25 matchups dumped the AP Top 25 on its head and had teams playing leap frog. Movement in the AP Rankings Week 8 Only 6 […]

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My goodness, how many upsets can there be in a single weekend?

This is the type of weekend that makes football fans. You don’t have to follow any particular team to enjoy an upset or revel in an underdog beating up a bully. We all love to see that. A spectacular weekend of college football all around. Even if your team lost, you can at least attempt to […]

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college football schedule

Who will rise and who will fall halfway through the season

Week 7 is here! We still have 11 undefeated teams going into the weekend and we may still have 11 at the end, but not likely!! Somebody is likely to fall. Who will it be? Fun news this week is a college football game scheduled to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway. That’s right! A […]

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The Ohio State University

This is the week where the boys are separated from the men

We are right into the thick of it now! Great matchups again this week with 22 of the 25 games we will be following being conference games. Nearly  all of the 25 games (there will still be a few blow outs) have potential to be great games, but we can’t talk about them all. Here is our synopsis. […]

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What a difference a week can make

Seriously, a week can be the difference between the highs and lows of anything in life whether it is getting dumped by the guy you thought was ‘the one’ one week and meeting someone the next that lights your fire even more. Or maybe its your child getting bullied in school one week and going […]

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Kick ass GAMES of the week

Unlike last weekend’s lopsided battles between the Daphnes and Goliaths of college football, we actually have lots of games that could have been our “game of the week” for week 5. We narrowed it down to just two! The REALLY big one: LSU vs UGA Date, Time and Location: September 28th at 3:30 p.m. @ Sanford Stadium  Why this […]

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where girls learn to love football

Is this the true beginning?!

After four weeks of the big kids beating up on the little kids (with a few  exceptions), we are “fixin’ ” to start the real college football season. The tune ups are almost over and this week, the majority of the games are conference games. Rubber is meeting the road. Games are starting to matter. […]

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There’s no mercy in football!

If there is no crying in baseball, then there should be no mercy in football. But, there were a record number of games yesterday where ‘mercy’ was the rule. Games who volunteered to shorten the 4th quarter or use a ‘running clock’ in the 4th quarter. That’s just crazy! What shouldn’t be allowed is these […]

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Game of the Week: Arizona St. at Stanford

The Teams: Arizona State (Sun Devils) vs. Stanford (Cardinals) Date, Time and Location: September 21st, 7:00 EST at Stanford Stadium a.k.a (The Farm) Why the Game is Important: This is the only game this week that is between two top 25 teams. The Sun Devils (#23) and the Cardinals (#5) are both regarded as being key players in […]

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Is this the worst weekend ever for college football?

The games this weekend are so boring ESPN game day has opted to travel all the way to North Dakota State University in Fargo to watch them take on Delaware State. Really?! Makes me think of the movie Fargo and Marge saying “Ya know, I think I’m going to barf!” Most of the games this weekend will […]

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