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Best football games 2014

Football Season Outlook for 2014-15

Today marks just ten days until the official football season begins! Some of you will paint your face, wear your favorite jersey and talk smack until the Super Bowl is complete regardless of how your favorite teams are performing. Others of you will go into mourning as your ‘other half’ withdraws into football and leaves […]

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Who will it be? BCS National Championship Game is tonight!

Tonight is the night. The BCS National Championship Game between Florida State and Auburn. Last Spring,124 teams started Spring Ball with one goal in mind….a national championship.  Only two now have the chance tonight. This Fall, there were 25 teams in the pre-season top 25 rankings, Florida State was not in the top 10 and Auburn was […]

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It’s time to squeeze the ORANGE!

The last of the BCS Bowl games, with the exception of the National Championship, is being played tonight at 8:30 EST. The Orange Bowl is played in Miami, FL and this year is between Clemson and Ohio State. The first Orange Bowl took place in 1935. In 2006, it became exclusively tied to the ACC.  […]

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College Football Bowl Game Schedule – January 3rd, 4th, and 5th

These last few days are getting exciting! Again, we’ll have the BCS games that also take part during these days (Sugar Bowl on the 2nd, Orange Bowl on the 3rd and Championship Game on the 6th) in a separate post. However, here are the last 3 non-BCS bowl games! College Football Bowl Game Schedule for […]

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Pour some SUGAR on me!

The Sugar Bowl is on January 2nd at 8:30 p.m. EST. It’s played in New Orleans and this year is between Alabama and Oklahoma. The fact that the game is in New Orleans means that fans from both teams will flock to the city at least 2 days ahead of time to part take in […]

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It’s FIESTA Time!

It’s FIESTA Time! The Fiesta Bowl is being played at 8:30 p.m EST in Glendale, AZ between UCF and Baylor. Seems a little bit like an unlikely matchup, but hey! More power to both of these teams for making it into a BCS Bowl for the first time! They both finished their seasons the best […]

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Georgia South Carolina

College Football Bowl Game Schedule – January 1st

Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today. In addition to these 4 games, there are 2 BCS Bowls today: The Rose Bowl and The Fiesta Bowl. We will detail these evening games in a separate post. Meanwhile, you will want to be doing some channel flipping between some of these games. College Football Bowl […]

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Everything’s Coming Up ROSES

The 100th Rose Bowl is being played on New Year’s Day at 5:00 EST. There is so much more to the Rose Bowl besides the game itself. There is the Tournament of Roses Parade in the morning that is filled with elaborate floats consisting of flowers from around the world, marching bands and equestrian units […]

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meaning of jersey numbers in football

College Football Bowl Game Schedule – December 31st

Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 31st AdvoCare V100 Bowl – 12:30 – Shreveport, LA – Boston College vs Arizona – Ok, so I finally looked up what on Earth AdvoCare V100 is. Who knew? I guess I’m not much into herbal cleanses, […]

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steven rhodes former marine football mtsu

College Football Bowl Game Schedule – December 30th

Here are today’s College Football Bowl Games for today!! All of these games have merit and should be enjoyable to watch but I won’t miss the Music City Bowl to cheer for my Yellow Jackets! College Football Bowl Game Schedule for Today – December 30th Armed Forces Bowl – 11:45am- Fort Worth, TX – Navy vs […]

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