Watching Football in South Bend

The time has come!! Denise and I have been talking about this for what seems like forever and now the time has come! We have our plane tickets, hotel reservation, rental car and out tickets to the Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech football game Saturday! Oh my! I’m about to have heart palpitations. (I might […]

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Play like a champion today

Football Conversation Starters – Week 8

This weekend will surely put some separation between the boys and the men! There are some big games with big consequences. Teams with dreams of being in the playoff picture will have those dreams smashed. It’s just a matter of finding out who. Football conversation starters for this weekend. Todd Gurley, the phenom running back […]

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Mississippi State

College Football Conversation Starters – Week 7

This will most certainly be another great weekend in college football as the race to lead conferences continues to play out. More undefeated teams will fall and perhaps some clarity will be gained in some of the conferences. Elsewhere, perhaps more uncertainty. Only the end of the day will tell. So, what do you need […]

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11 top 25 teams fall!

Wow!  What a weekend of college football. There were 11 teams ranked in the AP top 25 who lost their matchups this weekend. Unbelievable! In reality, many of these teams were playing other ranked opponents so somebody had to lose but E-L-E-V-E-N! ? There are now only 10 undefeated teams by my count in the FBS […]

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College Football Conversation Starters: Week 4

Another week where there is minimum of conference play and big team matchups. There are some good games to watch and certainly some things you should make sure you know as we set to kick off week 4 of college football. Here are the big games for the weekend: 1. The biggest game by far is […]

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what you need to know about college football

What Happened in College Football Week 2

It was a very interesting weekend in college football and you may be wondering what happened overall. Maybe you only watched the one game your spouse made you watch. Maybe you didn’t watch the first one because of your kids’ schedules. Maybe you just found something better to do. Regardless, you’ll need to join in […]

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Vanderbilt Jersey Controversy

College Football Conversation Starters Week 2

When you find yourself backed in the corner and have to find something to say, use one of these great college football conversation starters. You’ll never know where the conversation will lead! What are the big college football games this weekend Week 2 is still a lot of the ‘pre-season’ feel in college football where […]

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What Happened College Football Week 1 2014?

What a weekend of college football! We had… Upsets Great games Controversial Anchor Down jerseys Slow starts with big finishes Lightening delays to cancellation National championship hopes dismantled Heisman Trophy hopes ignited And so much more A great first weekend of football. Clearly, we had plenty of patsy opening games which is typical for college […]

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Texas A&M Scouting report

First night of college football 2014

Wow! Tonight is the night Denise and I have been waiting for since January 6th of this year when Jameis Winston held up the BCS National Championship Trophy! Now, it is a new season, new players, newly aligned conferences and a new championship ‘playoff’ process and trophy! It is going to be a great season, […]

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Best football games 2014

Football Season Outlook for 2014-15

Today marks just ten days until the official football season begins! Some of you will paint your face, wear your favorite jersey and talk smack until the Super Bowl is complete regardless of how your favorite teams are performing. Others of you will go into mourning as your ‘other half’ withdraws into football and leaves […]

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