In order to get ready for football season, there are a few things you need to do NOW in order to get the most enjoyment out of the season. It’s not a complicated list, but trust us, if you are adequately prepared, you will be able to focus on the games, and not the other little details. 

Are you ready for football? Top 6 must do’s before the season starts:

  1. There’s an app for that – First and foremost, get an App on your phone so you can follow the games when you’re not home. You can set alerts for your teams and your man’s favorites teams. You can be the cool girl who let’s others know the score. Just be careful, if your man is “DVR’ing” the game to watch later – DON’T BE THE SPOILER!! Check out Apps like Yahoo Sportacular or ESPN Sportcenter.
  2. Game colors – Figure out what team you are cheering for throughout the season and make sure you have at least one article of clothing in that team’s color. This should be the one team you want to go to the BCS Championship Game and win the national championship title. You don’t have to go through the expense of buying a shirt with the team name on it, but just having the color will help you fit in and be an active supporter. Need a team: Denise would say wear crimson – it’s always safe. Melissa would say pull for the underdog – everyone loves the underdog.
  3. Non-Game colors – Once you know who you are cheering for, know who their rivals are and what their colors are. For the length of the season, never wear those colors so you are not mistaken for one of “those fans.” Our advice – don’t wear orange unless you are pulling for an orange team – non orange teams, HATE orange teams.
  4. Throw the party – Pick one day your team is playing a good match up and have a party. It is always more fun to watch a game with friends around. If you need help for how to throw a successful football party, click here.
  5. Be in the know – Put your team’s (and other really big games) on your calendar so you are sure not to miss any! If you are still in the “trying to fake it” mode, this will be very impressive.
  6. Subscribe to Flip the Field –  It’s free. Your email is safe with us, we will never sell it or spam you – WE PROMISE!! Ask us questions. If you don’t know who the answer to number 3, ask us. We are happy to help!!

5 comments on “Are you ready for football?”

  1. Lisa Reply

    i’m loving the new blog! ROLL TIDE!! and of course I depend on text from Denise ALL season long!! All women should find a love for football!

    • Denise Raymond Reply

      Thanks, Lisa! Make sure your phone is fully charged. You know the texts will be coming!

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