Iron Bowl

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of talk about the Iron Bowl over the last couple of weeks. You probably know it’s the yearly matchup Thanksgiving weekend between Alabama and Auburn…two teams that just flat out don’t like each other. What else? Here are a few little known facts about the famed Iron Bowl…

  1. The first Iron Bowl was played over 120 years ago. Evidently, the two teams had a falling out (go figure) and stopped playing each other in 1907. The Alabama Congress threatened to take away school funding unless the schools played each other, so they resumed in 1948 and have played every year since.
  2. Alabama is leading the overall series 40-34-1 (Roll Tide). However, Auburn has won 15 of the last 25 games (that little statistic makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth).
  3. Why is it called the Iron Bowl? It’s because the game used to be played in Birmingham at Legion Field and there is a huge steel industry in the city.
  4. Auburn Coach Shug Jordan coined the term “Iron Bowl” in the 50s.

The Iron Bowl this year is like none other. Never have Alabama and Auburn played each other when they have both been ranked in the top 5. This year, these two teams meet in Auburn when Alabama is #1 and Auburn is #4.

The game has HUGE implications for the winner…and loser. Right now, Alabama controls its own destiny. If they win this game, they will play in the SEC championship. Assuming they win that game, they will play in their 3rd consecutive BCS Championship. That’s just unheard of!

Auburn wasn’t supposed to be very good this year, but they have surprised us all. If they win this game, they will play in the SEC Championship. However, if they win that game, the only way they will go on to the title game is if FSU or Ohio State loses one of their remaining games. The chances of that happening are slim, but this is college football. You never know what can happen on any given Saturday!

I’ll be honest. I’m nervous about the game on Saturday. No matter what the team stats and rankings are going into the Iron Bowl, it’s always anybody’s game. Alabama is currently favored by 10.5 points. That makes me a little less stressed, but I won’t fully be able to relax until the final whistle blows. Roll Tide.

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