Learn to love football, even if you don't know the first thing about it!

The basics, the strategy, the essentials to at least sound like you know what's going on

What is Flip the Field?

Flip the Field is for anyone who wants to not only learn about football but learn to love it as well! Whether you want to impress your friends, spend more time with your loved ones, or connect with that special someone, Flip the Field is for you! Come and join us and learn why you can love football just as much as anyone else.

Learn the basics now

Why should you love football?

Can anyone really learn to love football? We think so! But, it likely won't be for the same reason as everyone else. Some people love it for the hard hitting, sweat and testosterone. But, there are great stories behind the players, coaches, teams and rivalries. There is gossip and greed. There is triumph and tragedy. We can help you learn the basics and as much detail as you want to tolerate. But, embracing the emotion behind the sport is where it gets fun.

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Football Pool for Beginners

Get into the excitement of football by participating in a pool. Being a part of a football pool with a bunch of experts can be intimidating and maybe even humiliating. Don't go there! Learn how to play in a beginners only football pool first. We'll give insights on your picks and teach you how to talk 'smack'. Join Us! Donate! Win prizes! Best part - Flip gives 10% to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation ® for all donations and purchases.

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Flip the Field was started by two women who both love the game of football. At some point in our lives (check out our stories ), we realized that loving football gave us a distinct advantage over other women who did not. Guys LOVE a woman who can talk football with them, or any sport for that matter. We were never going to be considered ‘football widows’ and will always be invited to the games.

It is important to be able to talk football in a social setting, regardless of being male or female. You will miss out on too many conversations and opportunities if you can’t join in. If you have not been a football fan your entire life, this is the place for you to learn just enough to be dangerous and eliminate those embarrassing situations of not knowing what happened over the weekend. We have got your back!

So, we hope you enjoy a fun and light-hearted way of understanding football. Yes, we explain the basics and more detailed components of the game, but we also hope to teach you to love it by giving you the tools you need to talk it up at a sports bar or with the significant other in your life and by bringing the basics of the game back home through player profiles and insights that make you want to watch what happens next in an individual’s or team’s journey to accomplish all that they can be. Oh, and we plan on making you laugh…a lot.

What is Flip the Field in Football?

There is an expression in football called “flip the field.” It essentially means that one team is winning the battle of field position. Of course, if you are new to football, the idea of field position is probably Greek to you, so let us explain. When one team gets the ball and tries to move the ball towards their goal, the closer they are to that goal the better, right? Well, where you are on the field is your field position. If you start closer to your goal than your opponent does, then that means you are winning the field position. When you make that happen quickly, then you just flipped the field.

The double meaning comes from the concept of this website where we are trying to help those who don’t already know everything learn more about football. If we are successful and you understand the game better than the know it all’s in your life, then we have “flipped the field” on them too!

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5 comments on “What is Flip the Field?”

  1. Emily Reply

    I love this idea! I can only fake so much. Well I do know what a touchdown is and that is about it. First question, it isn’t going to brainwash me in to liking Alabama is it?

    • Denise Raymond Reply

      Glad you like it, Emily! Of course this is not going to be an Alabama/SEC only blog. Melissa is a GA Tech fan and we will cover all conferences to the best of our ability! I can’t wait to hear how you use some of our “lines” on Bonnie!!!

  2. Jessica Ervin Reply

    Rhinestone Renegades loves Flip the Field! We are also women in a male dominated sport-BUCKING BULLS! In fact, there is a link to us (Women and Bulls) on this page; thank you Flip the Field! Glad to see so many ladies embracing the football world. 🙂

    We have had a great response to getting the women (wives, daughters and amateurs) involved in bulls. We know Flip the Field is going to be a girl’s best friend during football season!


  3. stephanie Reply

    im trying to find a way for me and my dad to bond and this is the only way i see that could work. i love this idea because the terms are like greek and when i watch a game all i look for is the touchdown -_- its depressing sitting in a room of guys and others girls who are in their football fan gear and your the odd man out sitting by the food in the back of the room.

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