Wow!  What a weekend of college football. There were 11 teams ranked in the AP top 25 who lost their matchups this weekend. Unbelievable! In reality, many of these teams were playing other ranked opponents so somebody had to lose but E-L-E-V-E-N! ?

There are now only 10 undefeated teams by my count in the FBS schools, and three of them sit on top of the SEC West division alone! That is an extremely low number of undefeated teams at this point in the season.

Georgia Tech WhiteoutMelissa had a great day yesterday as her husband’s Gurley Dogs, I mean Georgia Bulldogs, beat up on the Commodores of Vanderbilt and her team, Georgia Tech had a tremendous win over the U of Miami in a beautifully attended white out in Atlanta and is one of the last ‘undefeated teams’

Denise, well not so much. Her Crimson Tide lost in a heart breaker to Ole Miss and her husband’s Aztec’s lost too.

How did your team fare yesterday?

What top teams lost yesterday?

Here is your list of ranked losers, with their ranking going into the weekend, not coming out of the weekend.

Oregon (#2)

Alabama (#3)

Oklahoma (#4)

Texas A&M (#6)

UCLA (#8)

Stanford (#14)

LSU (#15)

USC (#16)

Wisconsin (#17)

BYU (#18)

Nebraska (#19)

Could it be time for GT to win another one of these??

Georgia Tech National Championship Ring

Tell us what you think!