Football Basics

Flip the Field is for anyone who wants to not only learn about football but learn to love it as well! Whether you want to learn about the sport for yourself or to impress your friends, Flip the Field is for you. Come on in and learn everything there is to know.

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Football Details and Strategy

Once you know the basics, it is time to understand more of the details about how football works. The details about offense and defense. The details about formations and strategies. One of our favorites are the fun trick plays too. You'll be an expert before you know it.

Learn the details

Football Phrases

There are so many great football sayings! This is where it gets fun and where you learn the meaning of great football phrases so you'll understand the announcers better but also how to use these expressions in everyday football conversations as well.

Learn the expressions

Flip the Field is primarily a content website whose primary goal is to provide all of the information needed to understand football and learn to love it. Watching football when you have not played the game can be extremely challenging. It is almost as if the announcers are speaking a different language. There are so many terms and phrases that are unique to football and there are so many rules about the game. And of course, the rules and penalties vary between NCAA and NFL football that it confuses things further.

It is important to be able to talk football in a social setting, regardless of being male or female. You will miss out on too many conversations and opportunities if you can’t join in. If you have not been a football fan your entire life, this is the place for you to learn just enough to be dangerous and eliminate those embarrassing situations of not knowing what is going on. We have got your back!

So, we hope you enjoy a fun and light-hearted way of understanding football. Yes, we explain the basics and more detailed components of the game, but we also hope to teach you to love it by giving you the tools you need to talk it up at a sports bar or at the water cooler at work. 

Why is the website called Flip the Field?

There is an expression in football about flipping the field. You can read more about that expression here. We hope that what you learn on this website, you will ‘flip the field’ with your football knowledge. Perhaps this site will become your football watching companion. Use the search box to enter any phrase or term you’ve heard but don’t know the meaning of it.


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